Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 years and counting... 17/365

As I took my rez day plunge I reflected on all I have experienced in 2L. I have loved and lost. I have gained very good friends and lost a few too. I have been betrayed and lied to. I have learned to hunt for small items in big stores. I have learned a ton of shopping tips! lol I have become a store owner and a blogger. I have admired other's creativity and been awed by it. I have watch a virtual world grow from 6000 people logged in to 80,000+. It has been a good ride overall the last 5 years. Hopefully I will make it another!

Oh and I met a 2l Giant! (She knows who she is! *wink)

Happy Rez Day to me!


Winter Jefferson said...

Holy crap; 5 years Whisp? :o Congrats! Having you around is one of the things that makes my SL a lot more special. You have always been a very good friend to me, and one of my best supporters. Thank you for letting me into your life. <3

And I know that Second Life Giant tm as well, she's an odd one.

Whispers said...

Awww TY I consider it an honor having the famous Mr. Jefferson as a friend too! You have always been so kind to me no matter what! You give me hope that there are nice men out there somewhere! :P Even if they are vampires! lol <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Rezday, Whis! You have been a great friend through thick and thin and I know that I can always count on you! Thank you for being a part of my Second Life and letting me be a part of yours <3

P.S. Oh my LAWD you are OLD :O xD

Whispers said...

No! Thank You! lol You always make me laugh and smile and I am honored to call you my friend. And yes I am old and will use my walker more often! :P <3

TeSa said...

Whispers, I consider myself blessed to have you as my friend, we have been through some shit but mostly good times. Though, in those shit times, I saw you and how you are a true person and will say the things that should be said. Loyal and strong someone who will always tell you the truth before they would lie to you, beautiful soul and caring heart. You also like all the same shops as me so that is even BONUS! HAPPY 5th Whisp I really do adore you!

Whispers said...

Aww Thank you! and yes we DO have great taste in shopping! :) <3