Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go Big Red! 20/365

For those that don't know ( and probably don't care) I was born and raised in Nebraska. In Nebraska we have two things...Corn and Husker football. You live, breathe and die football in the fall. Once you are a Husker you are always a Husker. So even though I am stuck in AZ I still watch and follow college football (read that as Husker football) each fall. In fact I would live in Nebraska but the state isn't big enough for my son's sperm donor (he has never earned the title father) and I. So I am stuck in AZ.
Tonight we actually are in the Big 12 playoffs with Texas. I lived in Texas for 9 years. (with said sperm donor blech!) and there were always huge discussions about who was the better team. Now I am a realist and I don't believe we have the team that can beat Texas this year but I will be hollering and screaming at my TV just like I do every Saturday all the same. At 6pm tonight my dog will once again look at me like I am insane and she will probably not be far off. lol
Go Big Red!

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