Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HC Creations Part 2 38/365

This is the second and last part I'm going to cover of my friend Hunter Cyr's builds. Today I believe I am covering his first and latest but I could be wrong. I am sending in this post a little early to qualify as my post for the 24th and will send in another in the morning as I have to go to my parents for Christmas and they only have dial up. (groans) This house is called The Country Cottage. As you can see from the first picture is adorably quaint and yes the ferns out front come with it.

This is the back of the cottage and it has a great patio area perfect for parties or grilling out etc.

This is the main floor at an angle. The fireplace come with the fire and not that you can see it from my crappy picture but there is a fry pan on the stove and a pot of soup that will give you a bowl if you are really really hungry! The textures are fantastic both here and upstairs.

This is a shot of the upstairs. It too has a fireplace and you can see better in the picture below the window seat that comes with it.

The window seat can be left off if you need the prims but it does come with poses built in and adds a great touch to the upstairs area. The cottage is 200 prims but can be lowered to 186 if you need to.

Hunter's newest build is an "L" shaped skybox. It has an urban feel with the textures he used and they are really well done. The widest part of the "L"has the raised platform you see in the picture above. I can think of a variety of ways to use that area.
The skybox is only 35 Prims and really is beautiful inside. Both builds come with Rez Foo for easy instillation and can be found HERE in game.

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