Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Laughing Academy Tribute 30/365

One of the sweetest most generous people I know in 2L is not doing well in RL. Her name is Tabitha Ninetails and she owns a business called The Laughing Academy. Her store has the most exquisite designs in it. She has gowns, jewelry, umbrellas, shoes, hats...all sorts of goodies. Above I am wearing one of her designs from the Swansong show. It is gorgeous and the flow on the gown is magnificent.

This dress comes in a variety of colors but I thought this was perfect for the current season. You can wear it with or without the Holly Pin. The quality on her work is superb and definitely worth the small price you pay for them. (She is very reasonably priced.)
This last gown was also from the Swansong show. The colors are remarkable and when you move you feel as if the ocean is moving. Truly a work of art as are most of her designs.

I know I am probably biased as she is my friend but you really should go check out her wonderful items. In the process you would be getting some great quality items that you can enjoy for a long time! You can find them on the Gypsy sim here.

Hair: Exile Juliette Black pack
Jewelry: *la* Sacha Earrings and Necklace
Dress 1: *la* SwanSong Candace Aflame
Dress 2: *la* Evaline Forest Party Frock
Dress 3: *la* Black Swan Oceanna Gown Collection

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