Thursday, March 11, 2010

I miss WINTER!

Nooo not the season, the man! Winter Jefferson! I miss him! He is one of those people that if you get the chance to know him you are blessed. I was one of those blessed folks.

I first met Winter in Consolidated Cafe and then some of us branched off to another group and I got to know him even better there. We have awesome gatherings and a wonderful group of friends.

Even when he would sit around and think about who to devour first. :/

There is a sensitive side to Mr. Jefferson too. He has always made a point of being kind to me. He has gone out of his way to make me feel special when no one else did and that has meant a great deal to me even if I never said so.

Oh I think he likes animals too! :P

Winter likes to have many faces in 2L...sometimes even Ruth. 0.0

Yep those are buns of steel! (literally)

Best look evah! ;)

As you can see he has quite a way with fashun! I have never met anyone with his taste and I miss that!

But most of all I miss my friend! So Count Dracula if you see Mr. Jefferson out and about would you please tell him that I miss him! In fact all the Bishes miss him and want him to come home!
I <3 you Winter!!


Anonymous said...

me to, I do :(
A wonderful collection of pics showing his many sides.. although you know which side he says is his best side *G*

Whispers said...

LOL yes I do!

Winter Jefferson said...

Ohhh..... Princess. I just found this.

Stop making me tear up! I miss you HEAPSSSSSSS, I swear. I love you too, you are one of the most special people in SL, and I've been honoured to have you as my friend for two years.

I *will* be back. I've sorted the physical health issues, gotten my head back together and all I need to do now is get a decent full time job. Then I've promised myself that WINTER WILL LIVE AGAIN. Okay, good point - ummmm... unlive?

<3 you so much Whisp. And when I am back, it will be with my smile again. I promise.

Whispers said...

YAY! Does the happy dance! I'll be waiting! :D