Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindens steal account rant!

I am ranting so feel free to not read this if you don't want hear it. I was on my other account buying some land next to mine and had just logged off. As I was on my main account I noticed on my tracker that my land alt was 900 meters away and I thought what the heck. I tp'd to where she was and thought she was ghosted until she moved! She was right outside my skybox. So someone was on my account! As I cam into my skybox I see some Linden in there. 0.0 I send an IM to my avie asking why they are on my account. No answer! I send the Linden a message to see why they are on my account...actually I sent several and it ended up with me telling him I was gonna blog this whole thing! (like he cared) He never even acknowledged me.

I have been a premium account holder for almost 6 years and I really think that behavior sucks. I have never been suspended or banned or in any kind of trouble so you would think the least they could do was answer me. I spend my fair share each month in this game and I guarantee you over the years I have for sure!

I decided to check my email to see if anything was said there. Below is the bullshit letter they sent.

Greetings from Second Life. Occasionally, Linden Lab needs to determine
the cause of bugs, simulator slowdowns, and various other occurrences
that you may have experienced while in Second Life.

While fixing a bug, we were able to trace it to something that your
avatar may have been doing, or something they may have seen. For this
reason, we have disabled your ability to log in to Second Life while we
examine your logs and try to determine the cause.

Your account will be returned shortly (usually within a 1/2 hour), and
no changes will be made to your character or account other than those
required to resolve the problem.

Your account will be restored as soon as we resolve the specific issue,
and we will notify you via email when that happens. We apologize
for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have
further questions.

Best Wishes,
Linden Lab

Linden Research, Inc.
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

I received a second one a few minutes after they logged ME off saying they were done. So now what I wonder is...what the hell did they do while they were there? My avie needs a shower!

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