Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank YOU!

As I was getting ready to decorate my house in game and unpacking the "Christmas box" that I store it all in, I started to look at some of the things I have received over the 6 years I have been in game. Some bought, some gained through hunts but some given to me by some of the best friends anyone could have in SL. (you bishes know who you are!) I was amazed by the talent and sheer generosity of these people.

I'll admit I have really had a rough couple of weeks. On Tuesday I had to put my dog of 11 years down. She had a couple of mini strokes on Thanksgiving and just continued to get worse and I decided I was being selfish and it was time. It was extremely hard to do because I live in a pretty crappy house and she was my bright spot to come home to each day. But that also meant with her going I had to get another...the empty house just killed me. Christmas is not the time to come up with money for a puppy but I did. I had my son help me pick her out but refused his name of Darth Vader. lol I was so busy with the new puppy I even forgot my 6th rez day. It just goes to show ya as ya get older they aren't as important. lol

Anyway, my real point is I wanted to take a moment to THANK all the wonderful stores out there that create wonderful things for us and then turn around and give them to us for free. I know I have received some truly amazing things and although I may not buy something at the time I really do try and go back and get something at your store in the future. AND it really is appreciated a lot! So never think it isn't! Happy Holidays to everyone!

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