Saturday, January 22, 2011

52 weeks of color challenge -Taupe


I honestly didn't think I owned any taupe but upon doing a search I was pleasantly surprised that I'd forgotten about this sweater. I do that a lot because my inventory is way out of control. :/ Then of course I wondered if I had any boots to go with it and of course I had forgotten about my Redgrave boots as well. I just need to simply peruse my inventory once in a while I guess. lol I can't rave enough about how happy I am though about Elika Tiramisu making hair again. Not only does she produce superior textures and styles but her marketing cannot be outdone. I love her essentials collections! Most places I am forced to buy more than one color pack if I want more than one color but she recognizes that we don't want all those colors but usually just one from each shade. I appreciate her insight to that fact and the fact she doesn't try to take advantage of us wanting to change hair colors frequently. I've been a long time fan...first on my Echo Kinsella avie and now on I just want to Thank her for keeping all of us in many beautiful styles and colors for so many years!

Hair-[e] Me - Essentials Collection
Skin--Belleza- Erika Deep Tan Line #5
Jeans-*GC* Original Ripped Denim
Sweater-!STC Women's Sweater Taupe Sculpty Cuffs
Boots-*REDGRAVE* Girls' Biker Boots -Sand-

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