Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Seven SL Facts Meme

Strawberry Singh did a lil challenge called SL Facts Meme over on her site and I decided to bore everyone with 7 facts about me.

1. I came to second life with my family from The Sims Online. Some of them I still talk to which means we have been together, gaming, like 11 years I think.

2. I have had 3 different businesses in game. Only one I would consider successful.

3.  I sometimes go for weeks in game without speaking to a single person. (I recently had my best friend come back to game so that has changed. I used to talk with some great bishes but they all became famous and got too busy to chat.)

4. This game and my Ozimal's bunnies kept me from killing myself when my son stopped talking to me for a year. He is my life and without him there was no point...but I kept logging in here and it kept me going. He is back home now and I am glad I had this platform to log into.

5. I have house ADD.  I change homes constantly because I love decorating and I love the challenge of doing it up nicely with so few prims.

6. I am a recreate of my main which I still have that started in 2004.  I had to recreate to this one and wish I could go back to her but I have too much cool stuff on Whispers now to do that.  I miss her though...

7. People think I am a bitch because I am shy.  I have them tell me that all the time.  I just really am quiet and don't say much.  I never IM anyone...unless I know they are hurting and then I might give them a drive-by hug. :)

*nudges everyone awake*  Carry on with what you were doing now. ;)