Sunday, July 26, 2009

Public Service Announcement...

If you are a Sion Chicken fan like I am then listen up. Last night a group of avies decided it was cool to attack "The Farm" and BigJohn Diesel's land and kill a bunch of chickens. That not being bad enough they then joined every chicken group they could and waited for the injured parties to tell others about and laughed at them. Here is what started the conversation in one group.

[0:46] Phausk Claven: so like I was just shooting this guys chickens into a lake and he happen to stop by. Hilarious :o

The names of the other offenders are: Fallon Koltai...Ab Core...Sarxvo Saenz.....Cody Serapis.

I have banned them from my land as have several other chicken owners. If you see them in your chicken groups you may want to notify the owner of what they did. I would also suggest you not advertise in your profile where your chicken's home is if it is separate from your store. These people seem to get a real thrill out of the shoot and taunt game...sadly.

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