Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can we chat?

I have been in Second Life for almost 5 years so I feel I have a little experience in playing this virtual life. Shoot I can remember when we thought it was a big deal to see 10,000 people all logged all at once and when updates meant we were going to be gray people for the rest of that Wednesday. (Wednesdays were update days for you young folks) I can also remember when clothing designers put pictures in with their outfits. What happened to that?

Now I don't pretend to know a thing about designing clothes but I have and do have a business in game and know that packaging can be a hassle. But I read the feeds and see designers creating pictures for the outfits to put into vendors and on the feed so why not slap those puppies in with the folders for us when we buy them. Is there some secret problem I haven't thought about? Does it cause some glitch on your vendors I don't know about?

After all my years in game I know my inventory is too big. I'm not admitting here just how big it is but it sure would save time when dressing to not have to try an outfit on because you can't remember what it looks like. Opening a picture would be an enormous help! So I am asking designers out there a reason I don't know about? Could we include pictures? Shoot it doesn't even have to be the right color. I'd just like some clue as to what the outfit is! Am I alone in this?

Hair:*X*plosion Hair *Kayli Normal* (Blonde)
Earrings: Mine
Tops: Ibizarre Fiora Jacket/Ibizarre Fiora Shirt (lime)
Pants: Nevermore Denim HipHug Clamdiggers - White
Shoes: [MJ+DADA] lime green Mules and Bangle (Slice of Summer)
Skin: .::>>CI<<::. Tan (45) Blended Aqua High
Stool: Behavior Body "Sgabello"

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Emerald Wynn said...

Amen!!!! I LOVE designers who put pictures in with their outfits! It also helps me figure out if all the prims are where they should be.

Your blog design is really pretty. I like it over here!