Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seeing Red...

I was listening to Unwritten Law this morning and the song "Seeing Red" hence the title of this blog. Music pretty much rules my thought processes...randomly!

I am addicted to black as far as fashion goes. I have to force myself to buy stuff that isn't black....unless its red. Red is second only to black. When I saw the Uma skins up on the MM boards at Rockberry I hopped right over there to jump on the board. Apparently so did half of second life as there were a couple of sim crashes and a HUGE crowd. Sadly, I found out later that some people were not so nice about the ruckus and Heather ended up putting the skins out free to anyone in the group. If you are in her group go grab them NOW! This skin rocks! The lips can be adjusted to the perfect tone of red for your outfit and is just simply gorgeous.

In addition to my luscious red lips. (They make ya just wanna kiss them don't they?) I have the red version of "American Pie" from Sn@tch. Ivey makes the most diverse array of clothing and it is so fun to mix and match it all with other stuff. I know my Sn@tch folder is the largest one in my inventory...including my eyelashes. I swear since she came out with them I haven't taken them off.

My jeans are from Dela and were a surprise for me. Yes, I bought them and then proceeded to file them in my clothing folder and forgot them. I am a jean freak and buy them and wear them and then buy another pair and forget what I have. lol I have started to make a jeans folder because I forget where all my cool jeans are. Have I mentioned I am blonde in real life? I should have because I know it explains a lot.

The tats are from Psycho Kat and they have a nice selection of tattoos. A very nice vampire friend of mine suggested them a while back and he never is wrong about fashion! My shoes are from Maitreya and are one of the many colors of Frenzy I own. I love this shoe and think it pairs nicely with jeans and dresses both.

One last note before I totally bore you all to tears. My hair is from Foam. I am so sad to see them go! They were fast becoming my new favorite hair store. From what I have heard, albeit just rumor, they were underage and sent back to the teen grid. Am I mistaken but aren't we combining with the teen grid or is that just a rumor too? If so why make them leave! I want their hair! lol

Hair: .:.Foam!.:. - The Melody ll
skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma MM skins
top: :::Sn@tch American Pie::: Red
pants: DeLa*= Jeans "Stacy" Long blue
shoes: Maitreya Frenzy - Blackberry
earrings: RH Engel Jewelry-Raven Ruby Earrings
nails: [ PXL ] Nail Polish - Red#1
lashes: :::Sn@tch Lush Lashes:::
tattoo: :: Psycho Kat :: - Thorns

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