Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have CREDIT!

OMG! I have plastic! AND its pink! lol With 89L to my name and LL payday two days off and my rl payday 6 days off I definitely need a credit card! Now if it only came with a HUGE credit limit I'd be in business!

I have never been one to wear things on my mouth although I buy a ton for my sl kid. (She's an adult and been with me for years but still likes them so when i see fun ones I grab them for her) But today when I saw this virtual freebie pink credit card it called to me. THAT is something for speaks to the shopaholic in me. And yes I know I am one.

I love my son thing I ever did and most important thing in my world. Its been just the two of us since he was two and his sperm donor (aka dad in some worlds) walked out for a 16 year old with gonorrhea. ( I shit you not!) But his living at home this summer with no job or income of any kind has put a serious damper on my shopping in sl. lol He leaves back for college Thursday! woo hoo! (Does that put me in the hall of fame for bad moms?)

Anyway, if you too would like your own plastic pink credit card...follow the slurl below. I spoke with the creator and she is planning on coming out with a whole line of colors so keep checking back!

Hair:FD Hair< Josephine (no longer available)
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Dog Days Of Summer Hunt Gift (tan)
Dress:tal* Ari Dress- Pink
Shoes:(Shiny Things) Supernovas - red
Earrings: /artilleri/ Glitter Love earrings! (pink)
Mastercard: Mstyle Promo Free Pink Card

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4Gotten Destiny said...

LoL, I have an oral fixation what you expect! I got it from birth so I blame you!

I love this CC just cause it goes in my mouth! Again I gotta thank you (momma) for telling me about it!