Friday, August 21, 2009

Farrah Hair

I admit I am older than dirt. No, really I am. And ever since I was...well let's just say younger I have wanted Farrah Hair. Thank you Truth for letting me live out my dream in 2L. lol

Seriously, though I was always a Farrah Fawcett fan. I watched Charlie's Angels and was so disappointed when she left it. I loved her in The Burning Bed , Extremities, and Small Sacrifices. I was so impressed on how she had grown as an actress and through the years followed her career because I not only thought she was beautiful but when I watched her on talk shows etc I thought she seemed to be a beautiful person inside as well. When I watched her final show Farrah's Story this spring it confirmed that for me and I was really taken by how strong she was and saddened by the fact that there was so little to do for her.

So this silly little picture with my stupid LL grin is my tribute to a gorgeous woman inside and out who I have admired for more years and I dare tell.

Hair: TRUTH Hair<>light blondes<
Skin: Blood LowBack Wetsuit (Savonah)
Swimsuit: [ROCKBERRY] Dog Days Of Summer Hunt Gift

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