Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Angel is born...

Meet Buffy and Spike...they are just two of my adorable Ozimals™ Bunnehs! I decided to try and get Buffy and Spike to have a baby but it proved to be a little harder than I planned. lol Did you noticed the names btw? I mentioned before I was a HUGE Joss Whedon fan so yup all my bunnehs are named for Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters this time.

Soooo I set up the bonding meeting between Buffy and Spike. As you can see in the picture below things appear to be okay.

They take off together and hop around Buffy in the lead and Spike following along like a good male bunneh should. (hehehe)

Then all of sudden...whoosh! There goes Buffy off like a rabbit! Poor Spike had such a hard time catching up! BUT...he finally did and we finally had the baby nest we had been waiting for!
Buffy took her time and made Spike chase her around for quite awhile! Who said Bunnehs do it all the time? lol
I would like to introduce Buffy and Spike's Son...Angel! Isn't he beautiful? Well worth the wait and perhaps all that hopping is what gave him that angelic glow! lol

Open Beta is coming soon to Ozimals™ so go check out the Bunnehs at the following slurl!

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