Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feeling better...

Ever date someone in 2L and have them cheat on you? You have? No way! LOL That seems to be a common theme in this game. I recently dumped a guy I had been with off and on for 6 years. We actually started in TSO (The Sims Online), went to There together, a couple of other games I think and finally landed here. For the last year or so we have been really off and on as he would come in game partner and then poof for long periods so I would unpartner him. He would come back with some dumb ass excuse and I, like an idiot would take him back . I kept thinking we have such a "history" blah blah blah. Well this last time, I would watch him log on during the day but then claim he didn't have time at night to log in. hmmmm Do you smell the skunk too? Sooo poof! Out of the partner box he flew. Lo and behold about a week later he pops back in regularly...doesn't say a word to me and gets married. Now I may be blonde but I am NOT stupid. Clearly they were an "item" all along and I confirmed it a few days ago after digging around a bit. He has constantly cheated on previous women to be with me in the past so I hope she enjoys him. LOL

Above you will find the equivalent of therapy for the 2ler! Betty Barracuda makes it and I have had mine for years. It is called Total Betty Free Burning Trashcan. I often buy them for friends who get dumped and we laugh up a storm. You can add your ass's... er boyfriend's/ex's picture to the trashcan and the stick and set that sucker on fire. It's the best way I know to remove them from your 2L forever! :D These puppies are free and you can find your very own right here

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