Thursday, November 26, 2009

Customer Service 11/365

I had a totally different post ready for today but since I just had the most awesome customer service experience I wanted to share. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans btw!

I recently attended a wedding and bought this lovely gown from Azul called Linda. I put it on ahead of time and made sure it fit and chose my hair, skin, jewelry etc. I'm anal like that so on the day of the wedding in case I am running late I can just throw it all on. (and of course on the day of the wedding I was running late and glad I did lol) When I got to the chapel I went to sit down and OMG the prims from the skirt engulfed my whole body and I swear my half of the chapel. I tried different positions and taking my AO off but nothing worked. Well I ended up changing dresses before the night was over and was very disappointed as I loved the dress and had paid 850L for it.

So I IM'd the CSR for Azul explaining what happened and asked if they could make the prims flexi so they could be worn sitting. I tried but they were no mod. Their policy is no refund so I didn't expect much. I figured I was just going to eat my 850L because that is usually the case these days sadly. I logged on this morning and the CSR rep said if I returned the dress they would refund my money and suggested two designs they have that work well sitting down. She also pointed out the models working will show you if a dress works sitting or not. ( I don't remember a model but I wasn't looking for one either but will next time) She was prompt, helpful and offered suggestions on how I could buy new products. Great customer service is so lacking these days that it was great to see that it still exists at Azul! You can check out the other great gowns they have Here.

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