Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grumbly...mumbling...and a message for LL 3/365

So...I have my sister's wedding this weekend to go to. I haven't worn one of my formals forever! I decided I should go through that folder and see what is in there to wear or perhaps *gasp* I should shop for something new! lol (yep any excuse works for me to shop!) As I am tossing things around in the "formal" folder I come across this dress. Hmmm I have no recollection getting this dress and if I did wth was I smoking and can I have more?

So I toss that into the " won't see the light of day unless I lose my entire inventory pile" and move to the next one...

Again I have no clue where I got this one but hey its not bad....hmmmm

Then I get to the masterpiece that Tabitha Ninetails made! She owns Laughing Academy and is so talented and just a wonderful person all around! I love this dress and it is definitely in the running!

Then I get here...yup the gorgeous Zaara dress....but as you can see there is that lovely rez issue going on. So I wait. And wait. And I wait some more. Then I think hey I should try maybe the shirt or undershirt layer. NOPE. They all do this. After spewing a nice list of expletives about LL I give up! I am tired and its bedtime so tomorrow I will continue on my adventures of inventory madness.

I decided to change into my LL message shirt. I bought it with them in mind just for times like these. (wish they would see it someday) It gets very tiresome lately of all the issues with things not rezzing. I hope no one else had the same issues I had!

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