Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have nothing! 4/365 (I think)

I have hit rock bottom! I am the epitome of bad bloggers! Not only am I a nobody but today...I have nothing! I didn't do anything in game except finish deciding what to wear to my sis's wedding and play with my bunnehs. I already bored you to tears with those so I spared you yet another blog on those topics. ( you can stop applauding now ) So here is what you get...a picture of me standing on my beach with my new Exile hair. Yup! That's it. I could add that I was messing with a jerk who has harrassed me for years in game in IM at the time but meh he's not worth the print either so the hair is all I got! Perhaps I will wake up more exciting tomorrow. Just be thankful I don't blog about my real life! :P

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