Tuesday, November 3, 2009

They're Back....

My name is Whispers and I'm a geek! There I admitted it! lol Like it was some secret. In the 80's there was this awesome awesome mini series and then T.V. series called "V". I've always liked Sci Fi and back then this show was it! I loved it totally. Well guess what? Starting tonight on ABC they are redoing it. I am so excited to see how they do. The actress who played Inara on the Firefly series is in it so for me that's a must watch as I was addicted to that show too. (I love all things Joss Whedon) Anyway....The outfit I am wearing is one of the uniforms that the Visitors wore in the original series. I wore it recently to a Sci Fi birthday party for the very talented and gorgeous Candy Cerveau of Ozimals. (They have the best Bunnehs evah!) It comes with everything you see here except the pic where I'm not wearing the hat. I couldn't stand the hair that came with it so I wore the "Mary" hair from "Zero". The quality of the outfit is very nice and the gun works too. Shoots real lasers which I thought was a nice bonus! I got the outfit from a place called J. A. Terra Sci-Fi & Fantasy Props. They have so many different outfits it was hard to chose. I also got a Star Trek outfit I liked just in case I ever need one. It too was awesome quality. These are totally quality outfits and well worth every Linden you spend on them and believe me I'm picky! lol They have outfits for both men and women so go check them out and tune into "V" tonight because I know I am!

Outfit: V - Visitor - Basic Female Uniform
from: J. A. Terra Sci-Fi & Fantasy Props
Hair (in pic without hat) * Zero Style *Mary*Darks


Emerald Wynn said...

What'd you think??? I was kind of . . . meh about it last night. But then again, people kept distracting me throughout the whole thing. I'll give it another chance. I'm a 'V' geek too!

How awesome that you found a costume! LOL -- I'm gonna go look for Wilma on "Buck Rogers."

Whispers said...

I liked it. I thought the special effects were awesome and I liked that they stuck to the 80's version of why the visitors were here but updated it to today's issues. Hopefully they can keep it going. I was surprised by a few things. lol But I was a huge Firefly fan too and it has two cast member from that on there too so was watching for them too. ( I am a total geek!)