Friday, June 11, 2010

Greenies Leaving :(

I was reading an article about the Linden job layoffs here
and was taking a look at the comments below it when I noticed a comment from
Rightasrain (from In the comment he mentions Greenies closing at the end of this month. :(
"I wish you had asked him who he thinks his customers are. I think 2-years in he would still struggle to answer that one. We are deleting greenies this month btw--it will only be on our Rezzable opensim-based grid after June. Fed-up paying money to Lindcn Lab and seeing others waste their money also."

So I decided to post a photo tribute to one of my favorite sims and to thank Rezzable for allowing us the chance to enjoy the fun for as long as they did. :)

You can visit Greenies here.

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