Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Summertime!

In case you have been busy out in the sunshine having a real life...The team from Ozimals is putting on a Strawberry Hunt Festival. You can read about the rules and procedures here. If you have participated in previous Magic of Oz hunts this one is very similar and just as fun. You get an empty basket like the one in the picture and click on the strawberries that appear. After your basket is full you chose a place from the drop down box and receive a fork for that location. If you head on over to the store with the fork in hand and get close enough to get a big bite of cake you get a lovely gift.

Above is a picture of the gift you get from Velveteen located on the Ozimals sim. There are gifts on both sims...Ozimals and Magic of Oz. Head over there now to start the hunt.

In addition to all that fun, Ozimals is treating the bunneh folks to some wonderful "Elite" bunnies! If you have Ozimals Bunnehs or are thinking of getting some...NOW is the time! From now until July 11th any 1.3version nest kindled will get you one of these super cute Strawberry Elite Bunnehs.

Head on over to the Ozimals sim to get a couple of bunnehs now and start collecting some adorable Strawberry Elites.

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