Monday, February 21, 2011

Skin Fair Shoot Out

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Dear Diary,

Can we talk? I went to the skin fair today and boy did it suck! The first time I went was this morning while the puppy was at the groomers for her first hair cut. It was early in the morning so not much lag. Other than a few "Rendering Cost Nazi's" shouting out names of those who they "thought" were too high, it went smoothly as I gathered demos.

As the morning progressed though I heard tales of bad things happening to others while there but kept checking out my demos and about noon I started the arduous task of trying to get back in to make my purchases. Finally, at about 5 pm I was in!!! I was so excited as it had taken 5 hours to finally make it. As I arrived I am greeted by the notice... Do I want my windlight settings changed. UGH! NO! Then I get a notice about the script limits and am trying to read that and it says I have 153! WTF! I took off all my huds etc. BEFORE I came to the sim. So I check my inventory...nope none of them are attached. So I click OK. Then down pops another blue box saying something about I'm being kicked out for too many scripts and whoosh black screen. I never got to read the rest as not only was I kicked out but it crashed me. I relogged but wouldn't rez. I tried three more log ins on various viewers and STILL wouldn't rez. I finally had to resort to a character test and redo my entire avatar.

Now I know for a fact I took off my huds. I do also know that I am bugged atm as are several others with certain items not detaching. When I log on each time I have an extra hair and Tiny Birds boyfriend sweater collar on. Doesn't matter the viewer or what I try they are there. So maybe my huds only looked unattached but I had no way of knowing this other than looking at my inventory. I certainly don't appreciate being shot home much less out of game. This has got to be the worst customer service I have ever seen. (except for last year when the chick that ran it banned some gal by mistake because she "thought" she was wearing a copybotted skin and then had to unban her cuz oops she made a mistake).

My question is this...why don't any of the other fairs have this gestapo-like attitude? Why can the skin fair run smoothly without shooting people and limiting them with no advance warning. Like I said I was there earlier today and those pop ups weren't there but all of a sudden they are. Some sort of advance warning should be given ahead of time and I certainly don't think shooting people home after hours of trying to get into a place of business is the answer.

My solution...get someone new to run the skin fair!


Anonymous said...

ugh Whisp.. that so sucks.. I havent even attempted to get into the Fair yet.. I've heard so many horror stories. I hope the designers will put demos out at their stores soon.

Isabel Gallagher said...

That would piss me off! I had been trying to get into the fair for hours and when I got in I crashed. They could have at least asked you to remove some items first. Jeezz. Snobs

Galilla Sinatra said...

Everything I've heard so far about Skin Fair isn't good but your experience really sucks. I believe I'll wait till the designers put them in their stores.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that's bad. I tried to get in several times last night, but it kept saying the region was full. This reminds me of the hairfair, which was a similar disaster for me. People wearing massive bling and whatnot just STANDING there, while I got shouted at for: NOT TAKING OFF MY HUD. Which I had. I don't own a duckwalk HUD.

Anyway, I do hope you managed to get in again and got something nice. The feeds look great, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pass because it won't even let me in =/

Oi, long comment.


Whispers said...

Thanks everyone! You would think after all these years we would come up with a better way to do these things.

Valerian said...

This sounds scary. I know I am supposed to remove scripts from various things - jewellery, shoes, hair, clothing prims etc but I never seem to like to - what if I change my shape? I have to keep a copy with the scripts in, so I can revert if I need to, which effectively doubles items in my inventory - which is over 75k already!

I havent tried to get in yet cause I figured I would wait for the mad rush to be over and then go.

I wondered though - what could you do to make it better? So many people want to go - could you duplicate sims? So that if one was full, you could go to the next, which was a copy down to the setup, etc? Would the cost and effort increase be overwhelming? Well cost would be higher but effort? And think how much more they'd sell, if we could ALL get in when we wanted.... :)

Whispers said...

I'm sure with all the creative minds out there we could come up with something better than this. It's been done for years.