Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have nothing to wear!

I have an inventory of 78,000 items and seriously I have been struggling with finding anything I want to wear. How sad is that! Even worse I can't find anything I wanted to buy!!!! But today...following a lead on another outfit with potential. I spotted this outfit! I fell in love! Yay, new clothes I wanna wear.

I have never been an aDIVA fan per se. Not that she is bad I just never really found anything I fell in love with there so I just don't check often for new stuff. This outfit is called Beyonce which alone should have made me run. lol As a metal/alternative rock girl wearing an outfit called Beyonce might have burst into flames on me. lol

When I got home I quickly put it on and omg I love it. There was absolutely no adjustments to be made. The belt fit right out of the folder...the leg prims were the perfect color and matched up perfectly as did the arms. The collar and sleeves have resize scripts but were not needed. ( I do wish we could turn off the scripts but they are no mod). I love the full look of the legs and the tie on the shirt. She really went into great detail on this outfit!

Hair: Tiny Bird - Kissy Kissy - Pepper
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma MM skins tan
Outfit: aDIVA Couture Beyonce
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Black

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