Thursday, November 19, 2009

One of those days...4/365

As I was snapping this picture I crashed. That makes me all grrrrrr. Then when I try to log back in I get the time out button making me wait. Does anyone else click on the button to load the game anyway and just choose a few choice cuss words for LL like I do? Or you all patient and wait for your time out to be done? Patience is NOT my strong suit I admit it! lol

Of course I was already in a grrrr mood when I read about the slx/xstreet debacle. ( yeah I don't like the new name and never have!) I own a smallish business with a very good friend of mine. I have my gesture packs (I own cK Gestures in case you didn't know) and while I don't sell them every month I do sell some. Enough to help with my shopping addiction. What I am noticing though that with the commission they ALREADY take out and now the added linden for each listing it will no longer be worth it for me to list them there. So like some others I have seen on the blogs today I too will be pulling my stuff. My best seller though was this silly swap I made about 4 years ago that I sold for 25L. I actually sold a ton of those because it was soooo pretty and looked great on your wall in your homes. Sadly that for sure will no longer be offered on slx because of the stupid charges they plan to gouge us with.

Over the past 5 years I have been in 2L I have seen LL do a lot of stupid things...but this truly is one of the worst! Perhaps I need to don my "Fuck You" shirt again!

Oh yeah I made a new house for my bunneh's on some new land I acquired hence the picture. lol


Anonymous said...

omg its going to be a bunneh farm?? yaaaaaaaaaaay *hoppy dance* and so sucks about slexchange, it is totally hurting the lil guys, and everyone starts off as a lil guy. We knew way back when LL took it over, it would end up worse *sigh*

Whispers Magic said...

yes! :D I didn't want you to lose all your money and I needed some space and soooo a place for bunnehs was born! lol Plus I like testing on mainland too since my house is on an island.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy to have you close by, umm..and the bunnehs too