Friday, December 11, 2009

TGIF 25/365

And I really mean that title...TGIF!! One more week until Christmas vacation and guarantee the kiddos know it and properly driving us nuts! :) You parents get them back soon enough! :P

I am wearing some of the cutest freebies I have gotten in a long time. The sweater set is from SF design which has been around forever. It comes with a variety of hat versions including hair! The scarf is flexi and the cuffs are prim. She really does quality work on this and best of all its FREE!

The boots are a Christmas gift from COCO and she is always generous with her group. Her free stuff is some of the best stuff out there and these are no exception. She gave us three colors to choose from and I'm wearing the red ones. She was also so kind as to give us brown and black and they come with her wonderful resizer HUD. Definitely a couple of freebies you need to grab!

Hair: (DBS)Beyonce-MidnightBlack (modified)
Sweater: happy christmas from sf design for women
Jeans: *GC* Original Ripped Denim


Anonymous said...

thanks for blogging the christmas gift from sf design :) great pics - wishing you and your blog readers a very happy christmas :)

Whispers said...

awww my pleasure! I have loved your stuff for years so it was an honor! Thank you for the gifts! Happy Christmas to you and yours as well! :)