Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HC Creations 36/365

HC Creations is owned and operated by a good friend of mine named Hunter Cyr. He constructs beautifully textured builds that are low prim and easy to set up. Pictured here is one that we are currently using as our store. We modified it a little but the urban textures are great and it is perfectly put together.

This view shows the main floor and a bit of the loft. As you can see, it's versatile in that it could be a home, a store, or even a club.

It has a loft and a hidden walkway to the roof. It uses the Rez Foo system for easy set up and is only 195 prims.

This build is called The Lake House. He based it off the movie of the same name and it is just gorgeous. It is so wonderfully done and looks so much like the one in the movie.

This is an inside shot but it doesn't do it justice. The windows tint, it has a deck under the house, two private balconies and the roof is perfect for romantic dancing or parties. It too comes with the ever easy Rez Foo system and is only 286 prims.

Both of these wonderful builds can be found HERE.

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