Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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The team at Ozimals introduced us to a new project they were working on called Strangelings. There have been several teasers but this was our first in world opportunity to see them up close and personal! We were NOT disappointed! They are adorable and intriguing and the buzz was people are excited. So many people came out to see the preview that the Sim crashed and another one had to be opened up providing two locations to accommodate all of the interested parties.

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This was just a preview so not a lot of history was given about them yet. This is what Candy said at the meeting I attended.

" Right now, the "starter" Strangelings are fox-like. There are 38 colors at the moment, though not all of them will be visible at release. Some of the colors are bright fantasy colors, but another part of our palette is more "natural"; we learned from our bunnies that people want both options."

As you can see from the picture the colors are amazing! They didn't have any of the natural ones out yet but I am anxious to see those as well.

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I've been with Ozimals from the closed beta stages and I have seen them grow and learn from the bunnies. I have seen them implement this wisdom and am really excited to see them apply all this knowledge to a totally new project that it being built from the ground up.

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They have listened to the customers and have great customer service! I am also always amazed at how they are always trying to improve things. Here is another quote from Candy about the Strangelings as well as somethings they hope to do with the bunnies.

" One of the coolest things about Strangelings is that they are cloud server based. What this means for you is less reliance on objects in world in SL behaving correctly, and far fewer physical updates. We can do many more dynamic changes and be far more flexible, using the system we've developed for Strangelings. It is working so well that we intend to switch the bunnies to server-side operation in a future bunny update."

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As if all the excitement over the Strangelings wasn't enough...they also mentioned that at the meeting next week, June 27th, there would be another announcement made about another new project! AND the upcoming Summer Festival which is all about the Bunnies!

They left the Strangelings out for a bit for people that didn't make it to the meeting to check out...head over quickly if you want to see them in person.

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